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mmm... all this talk about food and cake...

What is your favorite cake flavor? And what flavors did/will you have at your wedding (if any)?

Re: Cake!

  • I luuuuuv German Chocolate with the coconut frosting! mmm...

    At our wedding we had (haha, I had to go back in my email to find this!) yellow cake with strawberry filling and chocolate cake with part cookies and cream and part chocolate chip filling. We actually weren't even going to have cake, but my mom convinced at the last minute to have it, and we are so glad we did! Our cake was gorgeous and delicious! (Although, like many things, strangely my memory remembered it being much better at the tasting than at the wedding...)
  • I don't know if I can pick a favorite, but I'm a big fan of carrot cake, red velvet, and anything with chocolate.  I had an awesome cake at a recent wedding, it was a neapolitan cake - layer of vanilla cake, strawberry filling, layer of chocolate cake, all with buttercream on the outside.  Delish!

    At my wedding, we'll be having chocolate marble and raspberry swirl, with buttercream frosting. 
  • I'm a fan of anything lemon and raspberry... so we had lemon raspberry torte as one of our cake layers and sheet cake for the masses!
  • We're doing cupcakes and having carrot cake, pumpkin spice, red velvet, and dark chocolate mocha. I had never had pumpkin spice before we tried it at our tasting. It's my favorite now! Mmmmmm, cake (stomach growls)... :)
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  • We had white cake with an amaretto filling for my cake, and chocolate with chocolate filling for H's.

    I love red velvet cake, and really just white cake if it's done really, really well.  When we were doing tastings, we had an apple butter cake that was just amazing.  If we'd gone with that baker I would have been all over that cake.



  • We had Dairy Queen ice cream cake. I'm not a huge cake fan but looove my DQ :) 
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  • I LOVE cake... could eat it all the time, but I have really simple tastes. 

    My favorite cake is just yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  Preferably a more whipped kind because I don't like really thick or sugary frostings.  Simple, but the way I make it, incredibly moist and buttery.

    For the wedding, I think our wedding cake will probably just be alternating white (or maybe yellow) and chocolate layers.  I'd prefer chocolate with a white frosting (yellow and white tastes better with chocolate frosting but I don't want a brown wedding cake), but I know some people don't eat chocolate.  I don't know if we'll have any really adventurous flavors because that's not really my thing.  But FI does like strawberry cake, so maybe we'll do that.  I guess it'll be a neapolitan cake.

    For the grooms cake, maybe yellow cake/chocolate frosting.  Not sure.  Or if we could, we'd probably do a big tiramisu.

    Either way I'm hoping we can find a baker with either a whipped frosting or a really light buttercream.  No thick frosting, and no fondant.  Yuck.

  • I don't care for chocolate cake much, so we just had white cake with buttercream icing which is my favorite.
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  • In Response to Re: Cake!:
    [QUOTE]I don't care for chocolate cake much, so we just had white cake with buttercream icing which is my favorite.
    Posted by MissySue20[/QUOTE]

    Missy! It has been forever! How are you doing?!?

    I've eaten very little cake in my day (because of an allergy), but when I do, I prefer chocolate. We had two layers of white (almond?) cake with raspberry compote filling and two layers of chocolate cake with ganache filling. We used buttercream rather than fondant. We had the top layer made chocolate and egg-free, so I actually got to participate in my own cake-cutting! That was one of the major selling points for our baker.
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    lv, I LOVE any kind of pumpkin cake. I have found some great recipes.

    Our wedding cake was one layer of sour cream poundcake with whipped cream/strawberry filling, one that was...I think amaretto with raspberry filling, and the top was pina colada. All layers had buttercream frosting. It was all amazing...I loved our cake lady.
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  • I love white cake with almond frosting!!!! yummy!!

    For our cake we had lemon cake with huckleberry filling and buttercream frosting, it was delicious!!! :o)
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  • I love anything lemon and love love love spice cakes! We're having 2 cupcake flavours: pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon with baked apple centre (essentially apple pie in cupcake form) both with a cinnamon buttercream frosting.
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  • I made our wedding cake and it was red velvet with vanilla buttercream frosting. I needed a vegan cake (no eggs/dairy/animal products or by-products) and those are so darn expensive at any specialty bakery that I decided I would just make it myself. It was a simple 10" two-layer cake and it came out great! Our caterer also made non-vegan red velvet cupcakes to offset the size of my cake vs the number of guests. I have a massive sweet tooth and red velvet was classic. Some of my favorite cupcakes to make are s'mores and cookies-and-cream!
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