ceremony and reception venue help!

I am having a difficult time trying to locate a venue that is reasonable in san antonio.  When I say reasonable I don't mean $5000.  We are wanting to bring in our own food and our own alcohol.  Being as I have never planned a wedding before I am a little lost.  We would like an outdoor ceremony short and sweet because it will be in December and then the reception to follow inside.  If anyone in SA or surrounding area has found a great hole in the wall venue please let me know!  Thanks and good luck with yours!

Re: ceremony and reception venue help!

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    Im sorry to hear you are having such a hard time locating a venue. It is very stressful!! We went for months before finding something more reasonable. We are in Odessa, TX. All venues here are 2,500 and above for holes in the wall. We happend upon the rehearsal hall of the Globe theatre on the grounds of Odessa College. It is costing us only $425.00!! We have a relative cooking food & MOG is decorating. Sometimes you have to go out the box to find what works for you.
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    I am desperately trying my hardest to go outside the box but im limited with the wants and demands of my mother and my fiance lol, I think i have found one i just dont know how to break it to my fiance that friends and family are paying for their own liquor, thanks for replying to me good luck with your wedding
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    You might check out Faithville, it is in Spring Branch.  They are running a special for $2000.
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    The Spanish Governor's Palace in downtown San Antonio has reasonable rates. Possibly La Villita Plaza. I think you go through the city park and recreation dept.
    Good luck.
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    As far as the attendees paying for their drinks; try other options, like serving only one type of drink or wine only. Most guests don't look forward to paying for something at an event that they were invited to. Perhaps spending less on something else in the wedding to help cover the cost of beverages.
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    Just realized your weddng has already happened. Hope it was a success!
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