inexpensive wedding venues in the San Antonio area

lp! I'm trying to plan a simple, "shabby chic" wedding on a tight budget. My dad was going to pay for the venue I fell in love with, but recently he fell under hard financial times and I'm having to start all over in my venue search. We need to keep it under $1000, well under is preferred. My style is very simple (decor will be white christmas lights and paper lanterns with some fun accents) so I don't want an over the top, grande venue...just something pretty and plain I can spruce up a bit that allows alcohol. We are going to have between 150-200 guests (hoping to keep it at 150 or even fewer), so it will have to be able to accommodate a larger crowd. Also, I'm fortunate enough to have a very creative and generous family and almost everything else is taken care of..flowers, cake, food etc. so I don't want a place that has wedding packages. We were looking at vacation rentals, but haven't been able to find a place that will allow more than about 50 guests or so. We're planning on Next November and ideally we would like an outdoor wedding but, because south Texas weather is so unpredictable, I'm really hoping to find a place that would at least have a covered area if not indoors for backup. Am I asking too much, is there anything out there that fits what we need?
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