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I thought i was getting married in lebanon area [closer to my house ] but i havnt found much in that area ...i attend church in lititz and could easily get married there i started in on the process of lancaster area venues...
i call rockford plantation just out of curiostiy my FI is a history NUT and i thought it sounded perfect...

the lady called me on friday and left a message to give me some specifics... She tells me it's $2400 just to rent for the day ... that dosnt include food ... I was seriously blown out of the water....had to literally pick myself up off the floor almost dropped the phone... had NO idea....

trying now to look at the general sutter and the lititz junction ....
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Re: Rockford Plantation/Lititz places

  • Unfortunately that sounds about right. Landis valley down the road is right around that price tag as well. It's not as bad as some of the farms around the area who charge upwards of $4k-$5k just for the venue.
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  • Rockford Plantation is beautiful 
    How big is your wedding?  How many guest?
  • Unfortunately, wedding venues are now a big business. $2400 is actually on the cheaper end to rent a reception space.
    You might have better luck going to a park pavillion/firehall if you want to keep lower than $2400.
    There is a place called Liederkranz which is nice for lower budget weddings in Lancaster and one in Mount Joy.
    It's the german club but they have both outdoor and indoor spaces for receptions.

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  • i'm looking to invite like 125 so it will come down to probably 100 or so give or take...
    I really just had no idea it's just mind boggling really ...i understand people wanna make money but really ?? thats just way too much
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  • Wedding pricing is rather ridiculous...but, you're planning in Lancaster, which is much better than planning in Harrisburg. We transplanted our wedding to Lancaster because we've found catering here is about 30% cheaper for the same menus. 

    Are you doing a lunch or dinner reception?  General Sutter's menus look fairly on par and the nice thing is their banquet room is much cheaper than most, and I assume that includes all the linens/dishes (which is where off-site catering hits the hardest) -- their hors d'oeuvres seem a little pricey though.

    Good luck!!

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