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I added some Lancaster Bridal Salon Reviews to my planning bio.  Essentially, if you're over a size 12 don't go to Weddings by Paulette in Millersville - huge waste of time!

They had me so frustrated, I impulsively ran to Alfred Angelo and ordered a dress I had tried on in November that I'm pretty sure is the dress for me (I was planning on waiting to buy until late March when my mom, fmil, bridal party, etc were with me).

I was hoping the dress shopping experience would be fun...but other than Alfred Angelo, I didn't go to any bridal salon that made the experience fun. Yet another example of TV not reflecting reality!
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Re: Lancaster Bridal Salon Reviews

  • Just read your reviews, and I have to say that my experiences with those shops have been pretty much the same as yours.  DD's and I are not a size 12 either, but after our less than stellar experiences at several shops we headed straight for DB - depsite some bad reviews.  Our experiences at AA and DB were good ones.  DD got her dress at DB and I got my MOB dress at AA.  Very pleasant and helpful associates-maybe not quite the "Say Yes to the Dress" caliber, but helpful nonetheless!
  • Did you girls visit All Classic Weddings in Lititz, she has tons of plus size and pretty, this may not be helpful now, but maybe for others. 
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    [QUOTE]Has anyone tried Posh Bridal or In White?  Both are in Lancaster.
    Posted by cinderellaslipper[/QUOTE]

    I have been to both!

    I LOVE In White...I purchased my dress there and Shari the owner is the most patient woman (I was there atleast 15 times before I settled on a dress).  She was very helpful and unbiased, and her staff is also very experienced and helpful.  The salon has a great selection and is very affordable.  I would recommend In White to everyone!!

    As for Posh, I cannot say anything bad about the salon.  The owner (I think Janelle) was super nice and helpful.  I think she designs some of the dresses herself, and they have alot of community events they are involved in.
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  • I am not plus size... but i got my dress from enchanted evening in lebanon and they were so friendly and very patient with me and they did have a lot of plus size dresses you can try on.
  • @ bridetobeloved: if you read her review, Classic Weddings WAS one of the shops visited.  Two years ago DD #1 and I stopped in - for about 5 minutes.  Very few plus-size to show, none in the style DD was looking for and the owner wasn't very friendly.  I've returned on several occasions since - all with similar experiences.

    In White opened since DD #1's wedding and I don't think I knew about Posh Bridal. Would LOVE to have an excuse to visit! ;)  When DD #2 got engaged she chose to skip all the shopping drama and just go to DB.
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