Need help with the transportation and math!;)

Alrighty, ladies... My brain is hurting from trying ot figure this one out on my own, so I post this to you...

My fiance and I wanted to get a limo to take our wedding party and us from the ceremony site to the reception hall with possibly a few stops along the way for photos. In all, the drive will take about half an hour, plus those possible stops. But, most limo companies in the area have a three to four hour minimum. My fiance suggested that we have the limo driver wait for us at the reception site (reception will go from 5:30-11:30pm) and then drive our wedding party and us to our hotels (Hershey Country Club to the Lodge and Hotel Hershey). There are some discounted rates for waiting time, but still, that seems like a huge waste of money! But, we don't want to pay for the 3-4 hour minimum and not use it. Any suggestions on how we can most economically do this (or, if you know of limo companies that do not have minimum length of service!). Thanks!

Re: Need help with the transportation and math!;)

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    Maybe have the limo take you to the ceremony and the reception? Unless, of course, you'll already be at the ceremony site.
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    maybe if you and your fiance weren't against seeing each other before the ceremony you could have the limo pick you up wherever you are getting ready, go take some pictures with your fiance and wedding party, then have it take you to the ceremony. after the ceremony it can take you to your reception. just an idea -- this is probably what we will do because we decided to get the majority of the formal pictures outta the way so we can get to our reception and have fun :) its understandable if you arent into seeing each other before, though.
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    we have the same issue and wanted to make the most of the time we'll have it, so the limo is going to take FI and his groomsmen out to lunch, bring them back to the hotel, take them to the church, and then come and pick me up and take me and my girls to the church, and then take us to the reception/photos.
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