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I am looking at booking Heritage Hills in York for my wedding and I'd be doing my ceremony and reception there. The ceremony would be indoors and the room is big and pretty but I am lost as to how to decorate the space without spending thousands on tons of flowers. Did anyone have a ceremony at HH indoors that would have pictures? Or does someone have indoor ceremony (non-church) pictures that I could see decoration ideas?


Re: Indoor ceremony decor ideas - York PA

  • Uplighting is a great way to make the room look more festive. It's pretty inexpensive too (compared to flowers).

    I don't have pictures of my wedding yet, but I am doing an arch made of curly willow branches with little lights on them. My florist will be adding just a few flowers and will keep the cost down by using branches.
    Here is an example:
    But ours will be like an alter/arch with a few flowers mixed in. They will be anchored in pots.

    Do you have a wedding theme? I'm sure I could come up wiht more ideas if I had something like that to go off of.

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