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Has anyone taken ballroom dancing lessons in the York/Lancaster area?

We've checked out a couple of places - the first - BeyonDance was wonderful but way above our budget ($70 x 20 lessons). We went to Arthur Murray tonight and it was like going to buy a used car at the seediest place you can imagine. They have sales guys trying to sell $100+ lessons from college kids that seem like they've only danced at the high school prom. So disappointed.

Any suggestions, recommendations would be appreciated!
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Re: Ballroom Dancing

  • Oh no...I was going to look at Arthur Murray.....thanks for the advice....back to the drawing boards I go too....
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    It was so disappointing at AM. The "teacher", who looked about 19, was so uncomfortable teaching the dance that it made us uncomfortable trying to do it. He was running us into other couples on the dance floor who were having their "private" lessons. It seemed like he had memorized a script and kept forgetting the lines.

    And the salesman trying to pitch the $1000 package had slicked back hair/gold chain...eww. It was the weirdest thing ever. Not even close to what I had in mind. There is one in Reading we're looking at -- -- but we're not sure about the drive.

    I may end up back at BeyonDance (which is 2 seconds from our house in Mountville) to see if we can negotiate the prices or number of classes. That guy was amazing and nice and knew what he was doing and we had a great time -- we just can't afford $1400!
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  • Wow....thanks for the information....I live about 1 hour south of Harrisburg...seems like most studios are only for kids....

    Let me know if you find anything and I will do the same!

  • Hubby and I.. yes already married and going for dance lessons for fun.. are heading out to Jessie's which is off of derry street.  She has beginers on Wednesday for 10 a piece and actual lessons which run a month on monday's for I think 15 a piece which was pretty reasonable. Our first venture is on wednesday but we're looking forward to it.
  • Shutterbug,

    Wow...thank you for the information...please let us know how it goes on Wednesday....I went to the website and I love the prices!!!

  • Will do:)  Good luck:)
  • Shutterbug,

    How was the dance lessons?

  • It was awesome!  Sorry:)  I PM'd Kimberly but forgot to post on here.  Jessie was fantastic!  Great personality and took the time to help us and our four left feet!  He does private lessons so not sure how much those are but the beginner sessions on Wednesday are $10.00 for 45 mins, Monday which is slightly more advanced is $15 per person and Friday's are $20 per person.  We'll be making this our regular Wednesday night out:) 
  • We went for dance lessons at Arthur Murray because we had a groupon... we did enjoy the few lessons we got for $40 but then the package that they wanted to sell us was $1200 for only like 3 mo worth of lessons and they said we would def have to do two of those packages to get a good first dance down!!  $2400 is 1/5 of my wedding budget... no way!
  • Thats insane!  WOW!  Check out Jessie's!  He's awesome!
  • Check out Studio Jo  in lancaster..i plan to look into her and also PA Dance sport in hummelstown

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  • my fiance and I went to regal dance studio in york pa for some lesson but I believe that they are overpriced. It was an awesome time and teacher was great but of course they were pushy and didnt want to work with us on pricing. We had won a free lesson from a bridal show and went there for it and then we bought I think it was 4 lesson and 3 parties which are fri nights. for around $300. and then when that was completed they wanted us to do a big package for $2000 and was way out of our budget. I think they are trying to compete with arthur murray


    I've been taking group lessons and going to open dancing with this instructor, Matt Stewart, for a couple years. He's really nice and works well with everyone.  He will help you choreograph a dance or just give lessons, etc. Check him out! :)
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