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selling question

I've listed a couple items to sell on the classified boards, and have some interest.  My question is how do you know how much to ask for shipping?  Do I get the location I'm sending the item to, then take the box to the PO to get it weighed?  That seems like alot of work! 


Re: selling question

  • I'm hoping to do the flat rate boxes for most of them (you know the commercials.... 'if it fits it ships'). That's the easiest way I figured it.

    I have a q too tho! How are you dealing with someone buying stuff and paying for it before you shipor when you ship it? I'm worried about getting ripped off :(
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  • Is it big stuff or small stuff?  If its big, then thats what I would do...I'd rather do a little extra work than get screwed by undercharging.  If its small, then you can use a flat-rate priority mail box.
  • I also found on USPS where you can estimte based on the recievers zip, your zip, the size and weight of the box.  I did that with one of mine.  :)  I've got a paypal account and have to recieve the payment prior to me shipping the item.  This makes sure you won't get screwed.  Paypal is pretty handy - i created a invoice for when I sold my extra sanddollars last month.  It worked really well. 
  • mdphdmdphd member
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    I've sold a few items from the wedding already on the classifieds board and through my for sale bio.

    USE PAYPAL!! They need to pay you on paypal before you ship the item.  Paypal is secure for them - they can cancel if you dont ship.  And it'ssecure for you - you dont ship without having $$ transfered to you.

    Paypal also lets you update an order status.  When I Ship an item, I can go in and list it as shipped and put in a tracking # (I always use delivery confirmation, it's only 75 cents).  That way, no one can claim to paypal they didnt get the item you shipped.

    And as chicken said, usps lets you estimate shipping after someone sends you their zip code.  I used that to make buyers pay shipping.

    gl selling things!!
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