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We're looking for an officiant for our July wedding! We talked to Dave Diraddo from Wedding Dayz but the date may not work out for him. Does anyone have any suggestions of  an officiant who can do a nondemoninational/civil ceremony near Lancaster?

Thank you and happy thanksgiving to all! Laughing

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    We are using Jo-Ann Glasse.  She is so helpful and friendly to work with.  Her e-mail is [email protected] if you want to contact her to see if your date is available.

    Good Luck!

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    I saw a vendor this weekend called "Journeys of the Heart".  Check them out.
  • caracbearacaracbeara member
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    Thanks..I will check these two suggestions out. Unfortunately since my family is used to going to catholic weddings..I was going to lean towards having a male marry us. I dont know though...we still haven't decided!

    I just want someone who will make the day truly special. This will be my familys first non-catholic wedding so I'm nervous.
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    I am using Rev. Chris Rodkey. He is coming to my location. He is a Lutheran minister, but he will tailor his ceremony to your needs.

    I, too, needed a male officiant due to family expectations, so this worked out well. We also wanted someone spiritual, but not necessarily religious- we found a nice balance with Chris that respected our backgrounds but did not force us into a certain set of beliefs. 

    We wrote most of our own ceremony and he wrote out all the other things he would include, and then we edited out what we didn't like or changed any wording that we were concerned about... so far, so good.

    His email is: [email protected]
    Phone: 717-824-6387

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