Manzanita Trees/Branches

Hey girls! I hope someone out there can help!  Does anyone know where I could possibly find Manzanita Trees or Branches in the Lancaster/York/Harrisburg area??  I LOVE the way they look and would love to use them at the reception but am at a dead end as to where to find them.  Any help would be great!  Thank you all so much!

Re: Manzanita Trees/Branches

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    They have a ton of those- not sure if theyre the price your looking for but they might even have a bunch of other things for your wedding too
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    Thank you so much!  That website is amazing, I'm glad you suggested it. :)
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    I'm selling mine for cheap, when I bought wholesale it was around $100 for 15, you can have mine in the pots and everything, and I would be willing to drive to meet you halfway (if you're in the harrisburg area). 

    You can see them here at:
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