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How to get wedding dress to the location of the wedding?


I posted earlier asking when should I buy the wedding dress. 

Now I just started thinking, I live in NY but the wedding is going to be in CA, what's the best was to transport the wedding dress?

Should I take it on the plane with me? Or ship it myself? I don't want it to get all folded and wrinkled.

Re: How to get wedding dress to the location of the wedding?

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    Personally, I would bring it on the plane with me as a carry-on.  I have no clue how to do this really, but maybe get one of those zip up suit bags that will be long enough to hold the dress.  I would be too paranoid to ship it or put in a check-in bag. 

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    I would also do carry on.  Could it get steamed the day before the wedding in CA?
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    Yeah, it could be steamed. I was first thinking of having it as a carry on but then I imagined other passengers  throwing their bags on top off it, so I wasn't sure.
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    I would definately carry it on the plane.

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    You can have them hang it in the coat rack.  There's usually a small space to hang all the business people's suit jackets.  I have had them put a guitar in that space before.  That way you don't have to worry about overhead bins and other people's bags crushing it.
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    That's a good idea. I just didn't want to cram it into a overhead compartment. 
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    My cousin flew from NY to Argentina with her wedding dress. She brought it in a hanging bag as her carry on and they were able to hang it somewhere during the flight. However, be sure to call ahead and make sure they will be able to do this on the flight. My cousin had a few issues getting them to agree to hang it, but she wasn't going to let that dress be ruined!

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    Bring it with you on the plane as carry on. Since it's in the summer you shouldn't have to worry to much about weather the stewardess will have room in the closet for your dress, but maybe you should still call the airline ahead anyways to make sure.
    Either bring a portable steamer with you or make sure you will have one on hand at your location to get rid of any wrinkles.
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