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i hate my cell phone. i have the LG envy touch and it is a pile of junk. i hate it and i cant type on it anymore because the touch screen is shot because i send too many texts. i've only had it since july, so we arent up for a contract renewal. but im thinking about buying a phone off of ebay that doesnt have a contract associated with it.


i considered getting a BB when i switched to verizon, but i dont ever use it for email and internet so i didnt want to pay the monthly data fee.

if i buy a used BB, do you think i could get around that or would i need to actually activate the phone through verizon and therefore have to get the data package.


this is the first i've ever had verizon. with at&t when i bought a new phone, all i had to do was switch my SIM card to the new phone and it was immediately activated. but i dont think i have a SIM card in my verizon phone, do i?


if you have verizon what phone make and model do you have?


do you love it or hate it and why?


what do you primarily use it for (email, calls, text, etc)?

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Re: NWR: verizon wireless questions

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    Verizon doesn't use SIM cards, so I am pretty sure that you would have to activate it with them and therefore pay the data package. I wanted to switch to a phone that Verizon considers a smartphone, so I would have had to pay for a data package even though the phone could have operated on wifi alone, which I already have (and pay for!) - very annoying. Unfortunately, I think most of the companies are like this now in requiring you to pay for a data package with a smartphone.

    I text a lot, so I got the Motorola Rival, which is tiny but still have a full keyboard. It is badly constructed and I'm already on my second phone in 3 months, and I'm having problems again. I used to have the original enV, which I loved, but it was 3 years old and starting to malfunction. My husband has the Samsung Alias, which also has a full keyboard, and he loves it. I didn't get it because it was bigger, but I'm regretting that decision now since mine sucks.
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    It is much nicer with AT and T that you can just get a new phone and switch the SIM card... FI has AT and T and it's much more convenient that way.  Personally, I have Verizon.  I have not had any problems with my phone at all, and I've had it for a year and a half.  I have the LG Dare.  It's touch screen, but does not open up.  I don't use the internet, although you have the option to add the monthly data plan to it, but don't HAVE to do it.  I use it primarily for calling and texting, and don't use the internet.

    Good luck!
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    I have the BB Tour and I absolutely love it!  No problems with service or anything.  I know you were a little hesitant towards the BB but I love the email right to the phone, internet, and calender syncing.  I also run a business so I'm a frequent email tapper.  Much better in my opion than a complete touch screen version.  Hope you find something that works well for your needs:)

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    I have the BB tour as well and I love it! Fi does too! With Verizon you have to get the data plan with the BB and they are actually making everyone get the data plan with a new contract. I use to have the alias and had to get BB bc Fi was deploying I still have the Alias if you are interested it has a full keyboard and it is actually brand new bc I switched it before upgrading it just has the same battery and cover on the back. If you buy a phone of ebay which I have done just be careful and make sure it is unlocked or you cant hook it up with verizon. It also has to be a verizon phone.

    If you want more info on my alias you can email me morganbrubaker at mail dot com
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