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I've been on the hunt for an affordable, yummy cake in Lancaster for the last three months.  I have my heart set on a four tier cake (white and strawberry on alternating tiers) with buttercream icing and simple decorations (sugar crystals and ribbon on two tiers).  I have received shocking quotes for this cake - upwards of $1,100 for what I thought would be a simple cake that I could get for around $500.  When I did find a cake in my budget, the cake samples were not very good - even my FI's 10 year old who will eat anything didn't like a lot of the cake we tried. Finally, on Friday, I met with Krista at Kakes by Krista, and not only were her cakes and icings delicious, but her prices were unbeatable.  She is located in Lititz.

Just wanted to share another option with brides around the area who may be having the same difficulty I was.  She doesn't do many, if any, bridal shows, but does have an ad in the local bridal magazine that's free at convenience stores.
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  • Wow...sounds nice....

    :-( just looked up to see how far from Jim Thorpe, PA....almost 2 hours...dang it....

    I am looking for a bakery near Jim Thorpe...anyone have any ideas? I am going up there on Saturday...and want to look around at some bakeries!!!

    Great job on the cake find and thank you for sharing!
  • Krista also does photography and is great, might I add!!
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  • FYI- those sugar crystals are rather expensive and a four-tier cake is labor intensive: thus the price tag.

    That said, glad to hear you found a baker that you liked.  I personally wasn't impressed with her.
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    True...if you purchase the sugar crystals at Michaels you're going to pay $3+ for a tiny little bottle -- if you buy it in bulk you'll pay $2-$3/lb. 

    I didn't go into wedding cake "shopping" thinking it was going to be cheap. But, when you're not going exotic on flavors and fillings and designs, you can expect that the majority of your cost is going to be in labor. I just can't get behind paying $1000 for labor.

    And a cake doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. I've found that most work of art cakes taste horrible...i'd rather have a pretty cake that has a few imperfections and didn't cost more than my dress but tastes really good; over a perfect cake that my guests don't eat....there are several bakeries in the area that make beautiful 3D and wedding cakes...but you can't enjoy eating them.

    It all comes down to your priorities, and we each have our own.  I think a lot of girls on here are trying their best to keep costs reasonable while having a beautiful wedding...and in my search it's very difficult to find reasonable prices to anything that has the word "wedding" attached. So while Kakes by Krista may not be right for everyone, she's still a good option for some.
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  • Here's another good option: Sweet Encounters, Reamstown   Beautiful work and scrumptious cake.
  • Thanks for the tip! I'm definitely going to keep her in mind for cake. I had my first appointment the other day, and I got my price tag shock too lol. 

  • The bakery at Lititz Family Cupboard actually has a very good bakery.  I am going to meet with them next week so I don't know the prices yet but we did have their cake for my future sister in laws bridal shower and it was very good! And the cakes are beautiful as well.  
  • Anyone have an reccomentdations for a wedding cake place in York, PA? Laughing
  • @ angyl421  i am using a place in columbia called flour child... alixe was amazing to work with and her samples were out of this world... for what i wanted for 150 people i believe my quote is right around 400$.

    and yes.. i've met with krista as well... and no disrespect, she is an aquaintance of my mom.. but her samples were sloppy which made me second guess her as to what my wedding cake would look like.. not to mention.. she didn't have much experience in baking the flavors i had asked to sample.. but good luck
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