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Who registered for their honeymoon?!?!

Hi everyone!

I remember seeing one of the central pa knotties had registered for their honeymoon. I was wondering if anyone knows who it was. It's time I buckle down and get this registry stuff out of the way but FI and I have lived together for a very long time and there aren't many items we would register for. We were thinking that if people do want to get us a gift, a gift certificate toward a honeymoon would be the most amazing thing anyone could give us. I just wanted to find out how it was working out for the knottie who did this!
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Re: Who registered for their honeymoon?!?!

  • psuxray07psuxray07 member
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    A friend I work with told me when she got married she registered for the honeymoon and that it was a great idea.  I think she said it paid for most of it.  I am also thinking of doing this!  My FI and I have lived together for 2 1/2 yrs and there's not too much that we NEED need.  So I was thinking of deleting one of the registries and making the other small and then just adding the one for the honeymoon (since we're paying for most of the wedding ourselves).  Any bit would help!
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    We haven't done this yet, but plan on doing it through Liberty Travel.  I don't believe they take a cut of it.  The only problem is, we need to put a deposit down to hold our airfare and room at Sandals Royal Bahamian before we can do the registry, and it costs $1300 up front.  So, we will be working on that for a while.
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    we started a registry for our HM on Honeyfund.com we are going to talk to our travel agent to see if he knows of another website that isn't so annoying to use.
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    Ooh yes, we are also concerned about the deposit involved. We are paying for most of the wedding and were just going to wait until next year to do a honeymoon to make things easy. Meanwhile, everyone is asking where we are registered and pressuring us to do the honeymoon thing. "You'll regret it if you don't". It's very sweet that everyone wants us to have the whole wedding packaged experience. We aren't going flat broke from the wedding, but funds are getting tight and I don't want to take away from any other savings to pay for any part of the wedding! My concern is, what if we put a deposit down and then not many people contribute toward it? Then we get stuck with a vacation bill, yikes!
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    We are using Honeyfund and it's amazing! We've already gotten a few gifts "paid" for on our honeymoon. It's a really cool idea.
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    We are combining 2 households, so no need for a registry here either.  We went to  Boscov's Travel Center to book our honeymoon. They created a nice HM registry webpage for us and if your guests give the gift of travel beyond the cost of your HM, they will give you a check for the difference.  No fees and they also give you registry "gift of travel" cards to put in your invitations.
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    Oh, also want to add we only had to pay 15% of our total trip cost and then the total cost of the insurance we opt'd to take which was $242.
  • nextkemenynextkemeny member
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    I have bit of a different approach to this. My MH just threw a surprise shower for me and she had the best idea ever! She knew we were worried about having enough money to actually have a "good" time on our honeymoon, so the theme of the shower was "helping us fund our honeymoon." She did it in the greatest way. She sent out the invites, and included a "menu" of fun things to do in aruba (she just researched online) and included a price. The menu included everything from have a picnic on the beach (30 bucks) to 7 day car rental (200 bucks). Then she also created a gift certificate (she is a graphic designer, but any creative friend could work in out) that was included in the invite for guests to fill out what "gift" they were sponsoring. Everyone filled out the certificates and included a check or cash. It was such an awsome idea and it TOTALLY relieved my HM stress. All the guests thought it was a super idea. She did also include our registry info on the invite for those guests that didn't want to participate, so every avenue was covered. My FI and I have also lived together for a long time and didn't NEED anything really. It was so creative and people couldn't stop complimenting her about it. The other great thing is that we got all of the money, no travel agent or dot com got a cut, and the guest didn't feel like they were just handing over checks bc of the menu she created.

    Hope this helps! I thought it was the perfect idea.
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