Marengo Area Brides

Has anyone else looked at Joe's Place for your reception, or been to a reception there...or even just eaten there?  Looking for any feedback anyone has.
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    We ate there quitea bit when I used to work in Marengo years ago. It was good, but pretty much average. Are you looking for any caterer or an italian food caterer? Im not sure if you know anyone that is a member of the sportsmans club in Harvard but thats where we are havng ours and its only costing 200 and we can bring in our own liquor and food. So far we are probably going with Marquise Banquets in Wonderlake for food. It will probably end up being $1500 appx for 150 people.

    I know Marengo doesnt have much besides there and idk the Wild West town in Union but they are on the expensive end and I dont know your budget. We can talk more about things in our area if you need help by emailing me:
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