Manicure/waxing/massage in Harrisburg area?

I wanted to go the day before the wedding for a manicure/pedicure/massage with my girls. Also wanted to get some waxing done the week before the wedding. I don't live in harrisburg so I have no idea where to go! Can anyone help?


Re: Manicure/waxing/massage in Harrisburg area?

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    I'm not sure what specific area you're looking for but I get waxed at Changes Salon & Day Spa in Mechanicsburg.Takes about 20 minutes to get there from my house just outside downtown harrisburg. Best prices around for a brazilian, hands down! They offer all the other stuff you're looking for too but I have no personal experience. I only go to get waxed!
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    I haven't been there in awhile (moved three years ago), but I use to go to Polished in Lemoyne. I'm looking into using them as well when I come to PA for our wedding.
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    Thanks everyone. I decided on Felicita spa and resort. We're going to spa ourselves and then spend the night and drink some champagne. 
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