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I have two florist appointments and I was wondering if anyone has any experience or commends about Flowers of Paulette's or Karen's on Country Road?

Re: Florist Reviews Needed

  • I think Flowers by Paulette recently went under new management, so I am no help as to their current service quality.  In the past I would have never even considered them because of bad reviews and bad personal experiences with their designer.  Hopefully someone here has more current experience.
  • Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely Karen.  She is phenomenal, and you will not be disappointed!  She did my flowers and people are still raving about them!
  • Flowers by Paulette people are extremely nice but I agree with Daria24, they lacked creativity and wanted everything spelled out. I don't know about you but I had no clue what I wanted. All I knew is I wanted modern.

    I also went to Floral Designs of Mount Joy. Jill the owner is fantastic. She will take your theme/colors and run with it. She even helped me to develop my wedding theme. She knows me by first name everytime I come into her shop (even with not appointment) and her work is extremely modern and different.

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  • Thank! That helps a lot. To be honest I don't have much idea for flowers so I would definitely need help!
  • I didn't know what I wanted either for flowers, and just showed Karen from Karen's on Country Road my colors, and she did the rest.  They were awesome!!
  • I met with Flowers by Paulette (who were very nice and reasonable) but ended up going with Petals with Style. Stacia is abosutel creative and willing to work with any budget.
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