Airbrushed makeup?

Did any of you get airbrushed make-up from your wedding day? My skin isn't the best and I'm scared it will act up on my wedding next February and wanted to know if airbrushing is as great as everyone says. If so, do you have any recs for the Lancaster area? My ceremony and reception are at Riverdale Manor in Lancaster, Pa.

Thanks so much :)

Re: Airbrushed makeup?

  • Totally worth it! I had it done and it was incredible. I get blemishes and my skin is very oily. Usually my makeup slides off by the end of the day. It stayed on and looked perfect all day. My sister had hers done as well for my wedding and for hers and she has skin allergies. The procuct that the girl used on me is hypoallergenic. I used Chelsea Nolan - Makeup by Chelsea (if you google you'll find her website and prices).  

  • Awesome! Thank you for answering and for the referral. I'm very excited that it is an option as my skin is stressing me out more than anything haha
  • I love airbrush, it feels great on the skin too.  I had mine done by Patricia Solis at a wedding I attended.  Her website is I believe, but if anyting just google her name she is on facebook too and is really nice, I am using her for our wedding.

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