Gobo Lighting?

Hey all!

We booked SO much this weekend.. we have a venue, a DJ, a photographer, things are really moving along!

Our DJ talked to us about using gobo lighting... we're having our reception at Purcell Friendship hall, and the idea is that our names and wedding date would be projected onto the dance floor, along with a pattern.... it's a two story venue, so the people looking down from above would have a really cool view of us, but i'm just not 100% sure if I like gobo lights or not..


Re: Gobo Lighting?

  • I think for a venue that has a second level you can look down from, gobo lighting would be a nice touch. It looks really good in pictures, and I'd be lying if I said most of my decor wasn't intended to make the pictures look better. If it fits into your budget I'd say go for it. It's a nice personal touch for the reception.

    Our DJ doesn't offer lighting packages, so we're going basic with some DIY uplighting to give our reception room a more formal feel. But in our room (standard banquet room with 15x15 dance floor), I don't know that a gobo would fit.
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