Do not use An enchanted evening as your djs.

i have met with scot, he was great everything was perfect . all the stuff we wanted and some , such as enhanced lights and so. BUT!!!!! scot was supposed to be our dj, and mike called that he will be the dj. Mike i belive is the owner. he talks fast and alot with no point. i did not want him to be our dj. i told him that we will not sign with you if you will be the dj. mike told us that scot was taking another wedding. the problem with that was that scot told us he was free. we were supposed to meet with him again to sign we never did. we hear bad reviews from my Cousin as well. mike was horrible and grumpy the whole night. his weddings are all the same according to everyone we talked to about him. either way be aware. what ever dj you pick you will get mike. my cousin had the same issue and before hand mikes wife convinced them to sign.. it was AN ENCHANTED NIGHTMARE!

Re: Do not use An enchanted evening as your djs.

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    I smelll a vendor. 1 post and it is all about a company with poor grammar and punctuation. These kinds of posts are not allowed on the knot.
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    I have met with them too. Something didn't seem right about them. I met with someone who was also a fast talker and seemed shady
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