GTG Tonight!...and experimenting with new format

Double yea!

Also, I wanted to experiment with the new format. Hmm.

I see that I can hyperlink in the post, but I am not sure how to make a hyperlink in my signature.

I also will insert a pic of Abigail here to see how this works:

That's pretty cool. Here is one of Anna. Because my girls are cute.

Also, I want to see what this new poll feature is all about, so  a totally NWR poll:

Should Anna make her poopy on the potty or in her diaper/Elmo underwear?

Hmm, well that doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas how to make the poll function work? When I click on "Add a Poll" it just takes me to a blank screen with post, back, and cancel buttons. Undecided

Re: GTG Tonight!...and experimenting with new format

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    Not really sure how to make the poll thing work but I am excited for the GTG tonight! Laughing
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