how to choose a DJ???

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My wedding isn't until August of 2013, but I'm searching for my DJ right now.  I've read reviews and spoke to everyone, but don't know how to choose my DJ.  Everyone seems so nice!  I am between Mixed Up Productions, Klock Entertainment, and Birdnest Productions (Adam McCallister).  I've read that you have to "click" with the person, but I'm pretty easy-going and get along with most people, so I'm not sure what the deciding factor should be.  Any suggestions would be helpful (also any personal reviews)!
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Re: how to choose a DJ???

  • I know Mike from Mixed Up and Jason from Klock.. both are fantastic DJ's that will take excellent care of you.  Deciding factor recommendation.. are they easy to talk to and get a hold of when you need them, do they fit your budget, will they play or not play what you want, can you talk to previous clients or other vendors who've worked with them... stick with wedding wire on reviews which in most cases are pretty right on with actual couple's dealings with the vendors.  Good luck!
  • I am using Adam McCallister. He is really laid back and a person that doesn't steal the show. He will be as active or inactive as you want him to be as far as either blending in and just playing music or hamming up the audience if that is what  you want.
    For me, the reason I did not go with Mixed Up and Klock is because the price. Adam was right in my budget. He also offered a very inexpensive lighting package along with his DJ service. The lighting service he offered was something that if you went with an outside lighting vendor would've costed $1000 when it was less than $100.
    My fiance sat with Adam at the bar/grill we live next to. We sat and had a beer with him and we "clicked".

    If you already met with all 3 and like them. I suggest you write a PRO & CON list for each DJ. What you liked about them, what you didn't, what their packages offer that you like, what they don't offer, etc. I found this to be most helpful when it came to deciding all my vendors.

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  • Thanks!  I will definitely write a pro/con list for each vendor...great idea!  I hate making decisions and that will definitely make it much easier!
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