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I am having a very fall themed wedding, and like many others I would like to do little jars of apple butter as my favor. I am having a hard time finding someone that does it. Has anyone gotten any apple butter favors in the area? Central PA has so many orchards I'm surprised this is so difficult.

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    Not sure if time allows, but what if you bought apple butter and put it into favor sized jars yourself? It's easy to find the apple butter, and easy to find the jars, and you can personalize any way you want to with labels, ribbons, etc.

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    Kitchen Kettle Village in Lancaster sells the the apple butter in little jars that you could add a tag and ribbon too. It may get expensive though. Still might be worth checking out.
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    did you think about making your own?? If time allows of course.  Its not that hard  to do, you can get the little jars in the canning section of any grocery store, go to the orchard and pick your own apples or go to a farmers market and buy bushels of them then have a weekend devoted to canning apple butter. It keeps for a while too so you could do it now, even though most apples won't be in season until the end of September.

    what ever you do don't buy a large jar and put them in little jars unless you do it less than a week before. Since its not hot and your not really canning it won't seal and it could spoil. If you don't do it on your own your best bet is to go to the place PP said and buy little jars.
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    When are you getting married? I can put you in contact with the folks at Flinchbaugh's orchard in York County. They're closed until April but you could still go ahead contact them if you'd like. PM me if you're intersted.
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    Kitchen Kettle village gives you a discount if you buy so many of them- Thats where I got mine- The apple butter goes in and out of season- make sure you call and ask if they have them.  There are 2 different sizes they come in ( I forget which sizes) but they make a great gift because soooo many ppl know about kkv and come to the area just for the village- because it is a local treat!
    ( i know all this because I work there :) 
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