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My fiance and I are getting married at our reception site (we have lots of out of town guests and don't want them to have to travel once they get to our reception site; also, we are both non-religious).  Essentially, the big ballroom can be divided into four sections so three of the four will be for the reception while the remaining 4th will be for our ceremony.  So basically, I need to make this ballroom special.  Due to our timeline of the day before, me setting up what I want is out of the question.  Can I hire someone who will come and set it up and tear it down for me?  What would a professional who does this be called?  Has anyone ever done this before?  SO frustrating!!

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  • Do you have any friends who would be willing to do this? Have you tried asking the venue if they provide a service like this (even for an additional cost)? Ours will decorate and set all the favors and stuff out for us.

  • As mentioned above, depending on the type of venue you have, the venue should offer some sort of option for setting up for you. Also, your vendors (florals, etc) should do some set-up as well.  

    If it's a total DIY venue (as mine was -- where the venue sets up the chairs and tables and that's it), you may want to look into hiring a wedding coordinator/planner who offers a decorating service.  Or, as said above, you can trust this to some friends and have a really good plan laid out for them.

    Our set-up took about 7 hours with 8 people -- and while we were setting up our ceremony and reception site, we were discussing starting a wedding decorating business since we're now experts in chair covers, sashes, and linens -- setting up is definitely the worst part of planning a wedding and it's exhausting! So if you have the budget, I would definitely look into wedding planners and coordinators that offer this service.! 

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  • Ask at your venue- sometimes you can hire their workers to set up for you.
  • As others suggested, I would recommend asking the venue first.  Another option would be to hire a Day of Wedding Coordinator.  I recommend:

    You might want to check out my floral designer:  Leah did a fantastic job coming up with a design for our wedding.  She has a lot of items that she rents for great prices (vases, trees, shepherds hooks, candles, etc).  Her services include setting up everything that you rent from her.  Some of our tables are having a few bud vases of flowers (cheap) and some tables are having a taller more elaborate floral arrangement.  We are also adding several floating candle centerpieces.
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