Stay away from Alfred Angelo! BEWARE!

Ok so some of this is venting but some of this is to warn all of you ladies still looking for a dress.

Last week I went to Alfred Angelo and found "the dress". It was perfect. Almost identical to the dress I loved from a magizine. I fell in love with this dress. Picked out a matching veil and head piece since I was buying the dress i'd get 15% off. Order it in Ivory because that's what I wanted. So excited.

Tonight I'm so upset. I get a voicemail message from them saying that the dress they ordered me last week is now out of production and I can't get it. They are not sure why the company let them order for me last week. So to make things up to me they'll give me the floor sample and do alteration for free. Of course it won't be in the color I want but they can reorder the veil to match. They hope this will be ok that I need to call them and let them know. Oh and they won't take any money off the dress though.

How do they think this is going to be ok? It's not the dress I wanted. They dress I wanted was ivory, not white. And to offer me a floor sample but not take any money off the dress. They dress was not cheap!

Now I must go down there tomorrow morning and get my money back and start looking again. They better refund me the veil and head piece too since they went with the dress they can no longer provide to me.

I just find it so unprofessional to order me a dress that has been out of production and for them not to know that.

ugggghhhhh! I'm so upset right now. Now i must start my dress shoppign all over again. I know I have time but my heart was so set on this dress.

Beware of Alfred Angelo in Lancaster. Don't let them sell you something they can't get!

Re: Stay away from Alfred Angelo! BEWARE!

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    i understand why you are upset, however i think that your post is a little out of line.
    large corporations constantly depend on their systems for updates on stock that they have in their warehouse. surely you dont expect every single AA store in the country to know what is in stock at all times? yes the system should have been updated, but i wouldnt blame AA of Lancaster.

    also, i could understand you being upset if they hadn't offered any attempt to reconcile the situation, but they did. if youre not happy with the white, dont settle. go somewhere else. but don't act like AA of Lancaster is the worst store in the world.

    additionally, i would be thankful that they contacted you so quickly. there have been several girls ont his board who have been given the run around for months and months from other stores about their dresses.
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    I agree that it totally sucks and I too would be horribly disappointed, but it's not really their fault that the national system didn't notify them immediately. Maybe they had orders going out that week once they went out, no more were left.
    I do also agree though that they should take some money off for buying the floor sample. I don't think I would pay full price for a gown that had been tried on over and over again. Some of the ones I tried on were not in the best condition with minor pulls and makeup stains. I got an ivory gown also because the white was "cheap" looking in the style I ordered. I'd just get your refund and keep looking. Maybe you'll find something even better.
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    I agree, that does stink, but most places would've called you and said "we can't get it, sorry" and just gave you your money back without offering a solution.  I know this is a setback for you, but just remember that every wedding dress is a copy of a copy of a copy, and somewhere else will have something that is almost exactly the same that you will be able to buy without conflict.
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    Well I just got back and did receive a refund but it was totally AA of Lancaster fault. It came out during the refund process that my stylist KNEW the dress was out of production when she ordered it!

    The assitant manager was looking at the note that came back stating the dress was out of production on their order slip and she asked my stylist why they ordered style number 801 when the dress that i wanted was style 802. The girl stumbled around and then the manager asked her why she put in the comments that they wantd style 802 but used 801 to order it. The dress was already out of the system! I feel like they totally took advantage of me because it was one of their more expensive dresses. I would have been fine after I calmed down last night to accept their apology and realize computers make mistakes but now to learn that they knew all along it was not in the system and tried to put an order through they knew would not be filled is just not right. It's not the right way to do business. The stylist told her she was told to do it that way and then they could offer me the floor sample if it "didn't work out".

    So I don't feel I'm out of line at all for being upset and warning people against AA of lancater.

    That's not the way you run a business. If they knew the dress wasn't in their system they could have told me they couldn't order anymore and I would have been fine with that and moved on.
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    I always feel pressured when going to look at dresses at those kinds of boutiques, too ... because they want a sale, they're willing to do pretty much anything to get you to buy it on the spot. 

    I'm planning on wearing my mother's dress for that reason -- fits me perfectly and my late grandmother made it for her by hand ... a great way in my opinion to honor my grandmother who passed away in 2006.  And, it's still up-to-date, beautiful and has just enough lace and beading ... not too overwhelming and not too "eighties" as a lot of people remember their parents' wedding pictures to be.

    I always hesitate when buying things or even trying on dresses in those stores because I HAVE heard so many "horror" stories and I'm afraid to take chances with less than a year til my wedding.
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    I sent you a PM about this :)
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    Aww I am sorry to hear that!! Just remember that everything happens for a reason and in the long run you will find a better dress!!! 
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    I went there to try on dresses and my sales person was very pushy about me buying a dress that day.  I did not find one that I was in love with and did not know why and she kept pushing and pushing me.  I ended up leaving 2 hours later and rescheduling an appointment feeling very pressured and not very excited about trying on more dresses at a different spot. My sales person told me I would not do the little dance or be very excited when I found "the one".

    I went to a different bridal store that day in York, Pa and found the dress. And I did do the little dance and was very excited!

    To this day I still get calls from AA asking me to come back to look at bridesmaids dresses when I told them I already found them.  And on top they are giving out my number to vendors that keep calling me.  if i get one more call, I am going to call and complain.  I don't remember signing any release of giving vendors my cell phone number.

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