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I am stuck on finding a photographer, and since I couldn't find anywhere else to post this question....
The girl I am probably going to go with, does good work, very friendly,fun, etc. This is the package we would like to go with, but I am unsure if I am getting ripped off or if this is a good price. So far it seems as if I am getting more for the money with her:

Complimentary Engagement Session 8 Hours of Photography Coverage

1 Photographer
Digitally Corrected Photos on CD

Free 10x13 print
20 Page Coffee Table Press Book

OR would it be best to go with the extra $300 or so to get a 2nd photographer?

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Re: Photographer Pricing

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    I always, always think it's the best idea to get a second shooter.  It will save time with pictures (one can do the guys, one can do the girls, etc).  Also, when you're walking down the aisle, one can get you, one can get your FI's reaction.  So yes, I think 300 dollars for a second shooter is well worth it!
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    I would agree with the second photographer.  
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    Can she show you sample galleries of a one shooter wedding versus two.  I can't imagine not having at least two photographers!  There's no way 1 can catch all the candids and get everything standard.  Pricing is good though.
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    I am in the process of finding a photographer too. I have done a lot of research. The package sounds like it is worth the money. The fact that it is on the cheaper side, (the average is $1500-$2000 in this area) I defintely would get the extra shooter. Its great that you get an album and print with that package. Just make sure you find out if that disk that you get gives you the rights to the photos so you an reprint or post online.

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    If you want all ur pics on a cd make sure they include the printing rights in the price. One of my friends got screwed over and ended up having to pay her photographer and extra $1000 to get the printing rights.
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    Hey, I'm trying to establish myself as a wedding photographer in the area (I moved to Lancaster, PA about a year ago) You can check out some of my work here:

    I'd be happy to work with you - my contact info is on my website, and feel free to check out my photo blog, and let me know if I can help you guys. I offer competitive pricing, and can work with you on getting you rights for the prints, etc.

    Best of luck for your wedding!

    - Jarrod

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    I think that is a GREAT price! 
    slpankuch said it, go for the second shooter
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