HELP find this hair clip

HI Knotties!  I need ASAP help on finding where i can get this hair clip. its in this wedding picsAlli & Jeff: A Modern Wedding in San Francisco, CAthe black daisy and feather one. OMG its to die for and i love it and want it in my hair for my wedding. If anyone could help me that would be great thanks. 

Re: HELP find this hair clip

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    edited December 2011
    I basically googled the bride and groom's name to see if there was any contact information out there. Turns out the bride is a hairstylist and was possibly featured in one of the knot's publications... so you can try calling her directly at "Alli Dunnam (408) 205-2143, San Jose." Or...If that isn't her, I think I found the groom on linked in via, if you have an account there you can "contact him" to see if he is willing to share his wife's information with you.

    I think there is a good chance that the phone number i gave you is correct, beings it says she works in San Jose, which is part of the San Francisco Bay area that is listed on his linkedin account.

    Kind of scary that you can find this much information out about total strangers just by knowing their names, where they got married, and their jobs. I may reevaluate my personal info on social networking websites now. Surprised
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