Well, I thought I had my flowers all picked out.....

....until I saw this photo on my florists facebook page!  I was going to do all white tulips, but I'm IN LOVE with this purple bouquet!  What do you ladies think?  Should I stick with all white tulips, or switch to this design?

Re: Well, I thought I had my flowers all picked out.....

  • What are the colors of your wedding.  That bouquet is beautiful...
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    That is a beautiful bouquet! Looks like most of the bouquet is light and dark purple anemones with a few roses and few other stems I can't tell what they are. I happened to be in the same boat as you just last week between white tulips and anenomes. I was quoted a price from my florist last week at approximatelty $3.50/stem for anemones . Not sure if you have a budget for flowers, but my florist told me to expect to pay a little more to incorporate anemones into a bouquet compared to tulips.

    Are you partial to an all white bouquet? I absoultely love white tulip bouquets, but if you like the anemones and like all white, you could do an all white anemone bouquet like this one:

    Or if you want a splash of color, I would definitely go with the purple bouquet that you shared above.
  • It is beautiful, but I would have to ask...would this design blend with your whole foral style? or would these flowers look odd next to your BM's bouquets? What is it that you like about it- the vibrant color? What about all purple tulips? The variety? Ask about a purple mix in your chosen flowers. The anemones? Ask about an all-white anemone bouquet as suggested or maybe even all purple anemones!

     I'd talk to your florist about it and get her/his opinion before making any decisions. But in the end, if you REALLY love it- go for it!
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