Lunaria/Silver Dollar Plant/Money Tree Plant

Does anyone know where I can buy nice quality, dried lunaria (also known as money plant & silver dollar plant)? My florist said she can't get it until the fall & I need it for this summer. I have found it on the Save on Crafts web site, but I'd rather buy in person to make sure the quality is good. Since it's a dried plant, I am thinking a great crafty store might have them. Any suggestions? Thanks:)

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Re: Lunaria/Silver Dollar Plant/Money Tree Plant

  • I don't know where to get them but I have bought several things from save-on-crafts and was very pleased with everything I bought. So if you can't find them somewhere local, I would try save-on-crafts as a back up plan.

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  • We had those in our wedding and I had purchased them dry at the flower and craft warehouse in blueball.
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