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I am planning my second wedding on a tight budget and approximately 60 guests. I'm looking for an all inclusive (ceremony, reception, menu etc) venue with an intimate space. Most venues require a min of 100 guests - not gonna happen. I'm having a very difficult time. Places that will accept my small party, then jack up the prices to accomodate lack of bodies. Does anyone have any ideas? The wedding will be Sept 2013 and we live in the western burbs of chicago.

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    We had our reception at The Meridian in Rolling Meadows. It came to about 7500 and that was a gurantee of 80 adults, we had like 81, plus 9 kids. That was a combo plated dinner, steak & chicken, I think about 60-65 a person.  They are all inclusive, food, booze, linens, cake, centerpieces. They were great. I'm not sure how low they'll go with people, but I've come to find if you tell them you're not getting a lot of financial help and all, places will work with you. They worked with us, so did our photographer and others. Hope this gives some insight. Good luck!
    Love & Joy, Kristin :)
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