Searching for An Inexpensive Venue

Hi! A friend recommended I ask the locals (I'm from Louisiana) about an affordable venue for the Lancaster, PA area. 
The wedding is in May 2013 (or June or July, depending on what's available). I know that I need to book a venue soon but I'm so lost! 
I need it to be under $2000. I would like to have the ceremony and reception at one location, ceremony outdoors (weather permitting) and reception indoors (very important that is wheelchair accessible). 
I would like to use my own caterer which I'm finding is a difficult thing to find a location that permits this. 
The venue should also allow alcohol. 

Please help!!!


Re: Searching for An Inexpensive Venue

  • We are having our wedding at Four Seasons Golf Course in Landisville - we have the whole place for $1000.

    I'm not sure how they work outdoor ceremonies, we wanted indoor so we didn't ask. I would definitely call and ask. If you only need one of their rooms, the smaller is $500, the larger is $750. If you ask you can get both rooms for $1000. I'm not sure what they would charge or if there is an option for outdoor, but it's worth a call. They do have a bar - kegs are $130ish/each for domestic and a little more for imports. They also offer wine and other alcohol, but I haven't gotten into the pricing for that yet.  The facility is owned by East Hempfield, so while you do have to purchase the liquor through them, they don't jack up the prices to make ridiculous profits like other venues.

    They allow outside catering, however you have to pick from a list of seven or eight. They range from budget to luxury.  If by your own catering, you mean DIY catering, then Four Seasons won't work -- you may have to go Fire Hall/VFW-type location for a DIY catering event.

    We scoured York and Lancaster, and Four Seasons was by far the cheapest and most flexible venue we've found. They also recently remodeled, so if you google Four Seasons GC Landisville, disregard the pictures. There's no more pink and vines!

    Good luck!
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  • Here is a list of locations that fit your description:

    - Pheasant Run Farm (Lancaster) - outdoor ceremony, indoor reception, handicapp accessible from what I remember. You can bring your own caterer. 

    - Millersville University (the downtown Lancaster location) - Although I think everything is indoor (you might be able to check to see if you can have the ceremony on the balcony area which is quite large) and you must bring your own caterer. Elevators for handicapp.

    - Liederkranz - (Manheim, PA- 10-15 mins from Lancaster) is a German club (no you don't have to be German) they do outdoor and indoor ceremony and receptions. I'm not sure about the handicapp question but my Uncle is having his wedding there and we have people with canes and walkers that will be attending so I assume it will be okay. And yes to bringing your own caterer.

    - There are also a lot of parks (Long's park) in Lancaster County that have indoor areas for receptions and outdoor for ceremonies with bringing your own caterer so you might want to check some local parks around here. However if you are planning on having alcoholic beverages, most parks do not allow it.

    Good luck with your searches!

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  • Thank you thank you!! 
    I am going to give Pheasant Run and Four Seasons a call to check it out. 
    Maple Grove Community Building is also a possibilty but I'm trying to find something a little nicer.

    Thanks again!
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