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last night I was talking to my Fiance about my ring. We were talking and I asked him about getting it appraised and insured. We have the protection plan for through Kays for my engagment ring and promise ring. The ring was less than $700 and is 1/4 karat(I love it and don't care about the price or size), but do you think that I should still get it appraised?

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Re: ring appraisal

  • It can never hurt.  If you would lose the ring or if it would be stolen could you afford to replace it right away?? That is why I decided to get an appraisal and additional insurance.
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  • Do you have the original reciept? Depending on how long you've had the rings, you might be able to use them to get it insured - my insurance didn't require an extra appraisal since the ring was just bought, but I think after a few years they usually ask you for a new appraisal.
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