venue reviews!!!!!!!!!!

im new to pennslyvania and i really need some reviews of some venues around so please people help me

Re: venue reviews!!!!!!!!!!

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    There are so many areas of Central PA where are you looking for? Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, even the Reading area is close to Central PA. What type of reviews also? Venue, caterer, baker? Everything?? I'm using a venue in the Reading area. So far they have been really great, my wedding isn't until June, they have a bridal show this weekend. The Barn at Flying Hills is what it is called. We are using Moyer's Catering which are very affordable and yummy and our Photographer is Solas which are very highly reccommended around here! I love them and their work is AWESOME!

    I hope that helps a little
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    I agree with brown.. if you tell us your location, we'd be glad to help out if you're in our area! :-)
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    im in hazleton im 20 min away from harrisburg and i need to know about any good hairstylist bakers umm mostly everything thank u for helping me out and i most deffinitly will look up them venues =)
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    Bakery- I'm looking into Pennsylvania Bakery in Camp Hill
    Photographer- I definitely recommend Solas too!  I'm using them as well
    Florist- Karen's on Country Road
    Videographer- Birdhouse Productions
    DJ- Adam McCallister- Birdsnest Productions

    If you'd like contact information for any of them, please let me know!
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    Bakery: Monkey and Me Sweets
    Catering: done through our venue (Hershey CC)
    Flowers: Ordering bulk from Sam's Club and doing our own
    MakeUp: Considering Rikki Smith Beauty, I've heard good things!
    Photography: Elizabeth Ryan Photography (out of Baltimore)

    Also- Hazleton is definitely more than 20 minutes from Harrisburg (more like 90 mins), so you may want to look for things farther north?
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    I would love to help but I'm really confused...Hazleton is an hour and a half away from Harrisburg, so I'm really lost on what area you are actually looking for.
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    sorry people im in luzerne county
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    You want the North Eastern PA Forum.  
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