Caramel/Candy Apple Favor Help!

Trying to track down a local, inexpensive means of making candy apples the favors at my wedding! Finding quite a few businesses online, but because fruit can be touchy, I'd like to find something local and be able to pick them up myself - anyone searching for/found what I'm looking for??:/Thanks, ladiesss!

Re: Caramel/Candy Apple Favor Help!

  • Maybe check with the local orchards?  Some might be able to help or direct you to maybe clients they have who do these?
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    I like the orchard suggestion above...some of the local farm markets sell the homemade candy apples and could probably give you a good bulk price. Also, some of the local candy stores (eg. Anstine's in York, Edwards Nut and Candy in Lancaster).  I've worked with Edward's for my wedding, getting good deals on candy boxes, chocolate melts and rock candy.  If they can't do it, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

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  • Honestly, I think it is going to be a huge pain doing these yourself.  (but it is a totally cute idea!) Caramel burns really easily and they are tough to make.

    I would contact a local bakery.  Try Wendi from SweeTreats in Mechanicsburg.  She does lots of delicious goodie buffets for weddings and could probably give you a quote.
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