Inexpensive Ceremony and Reception

Looking for ideas on inexpensive ideas for a Ceremony and Reception in the York area. I'm doing research for friends of mine that wanting a simple wedding and they are on a tight budget. They are looking at about 100 people. Any help would be great.

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Re: Inexpensive Ceremony and Reception

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    What time of year are they thinking about or planning on getting married? What is their budget do you know? If they are looking for something outside I would look into a local park. They are usually very inexpensive and a great alternative to a church and fancy ballroom reception.
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    Royal Manchester Golf Links is my number one choice.  Then Stone Mill Inn, Heritage Hills, Valencia Ballroom and Outdoor Country Club

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    Check out Perfect Settings in Columbia. The owner; Daisy is amazing to work with and the prices are great. You get to bring everything on your own (caterer, drinks, etc) which saves a ton of money. It is the "perfect" place for a wedding of about 100 people. Let me know if you would like any other info!
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    I am having my reception at Agape Healing Center. here is a picture of the place. (the first photo). It's $1000 rental. but you get to provide your catering and alcohol. The have tables and chairs (not the ones in the photo). But all the lights are already there, mirrored wall, and three brick exposed walls. very beautiful.
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    I'd second Perfect Settings.  Daisy and Tony are amazing to work with and the location is beautiful and very cost effective!
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    I'd check out the Kerry's Green (Red Lion) and Cool Creek Country Club (Wrightsville).

    The guy who owns Kerry's Green also does the catering and the food is awesome.

    Also, if you're having a dry wedding you could look into the Canadochly Valley Ambulance Club (East Prospect).

    Depending on time of year, Sam Lewis State Park is free to use for the ceremony.
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    I'm biased :P Eicher Arts Center.  Very low priced.  Can do over 100 if necessary.  They also have all of the plates etc. which saved us $500 in rental fees from our caterer.  They also drop thousands of dollars on the landscape every year and have beautiful flowering trees in the summer which eases the flower budget. 
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