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Wine box and love letter ceremony, thoughts?

Stolen from the DW board.. I've never heard of it before but it has intrigued me.

Here's the link that explains it fully: http://www.celebrateintimateweddings.com/ceremonylovebox.html

It's like a unity candle or sand ceremony that is done, well at the ceremony. You and FI write each other love letters about why you fell in love, all the good qualities of the other person etc and seal it in an envelope without the other reading it. At the ceremony, there is the box with your favorite wine, two glasses and when the officiant announces or introduces it, you and FI place your letters in the box, have it nailed shut and vow not to open it until your 5th year anniversary. The only moment you could ever open it before then is if you are having marriage trouble and use it to remind each other of why you decided to get married.

Read the article, it makes more sense than I do.. but it seems really interesting to me. I don't know if it might be too cheesy to have at a ceremony, but I've wanted to do something special. And so far I don't feel any attachements or interests in unity candles, sand or water ceremonies.. so I'm giving it some thought.

What do you ladies think? In general I mean, not as advice. Do you plan on doing any other ceremonies?

Re: Wine box and love letter ceremony, thoughts?

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    Awww I really like that! I especially like it because I feel like most people go into marriage thinking they'll never have major problems or divorce, but this is like saying, "We know marriage isn't easy and when it gets hard, these notes will remind us why we should stay together"

    I personally don't like long ceremonies and want to try and keep ours at 15 minutes or less so FI and I agreed that we will only do 1 of these (sand ceremony, candle ceremony, etc). I'm definitely adding this to my list of contenders!

    Edit: I told my FI about it and he REALLY liked it :)
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    I think it is such a sweet idea!!! We probably won't do this at our actual ceremony, but maybe we'll write the letters while on our honeymoon, buy a bottle of wine, and store them somewhere safe until our fifth anniversary. We hope to go on our "dream honeymoon" on our fifth anniversary because we don't have enough cash now, so that may be the perfect occassion to open the box. FI and I have written loads of letters back and forth because of our LDR anyway, so maybe we'll put them in the box/chest and read them, too. It will be interesting to see how far the relationship has come and how much more we know about each other.
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    This is what FI and I are doing, only we might mix it up a little bit. We are going to do the letters in the box for sure. FI loves woodworking, so he's going to make the box himself. I was thinking of putting some other things in it that mean something to us. And I love the idea of putting wine in the box, especially since FI and I LOVE wine, but I was wondering if it might go bad sitting there for 5 years. I know some wines are aged for years, but we don't buy super fancy schmansy wines from 10 years ago haha. So I'm not sure if your run of the mill $10 bottle of Chardonnay would keep for 5 years. Regardless, I think the box idea is awesome, which is why we're doing it :]
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    We're also doing this =)  My Uncle/Godfather is a carpenter and is making our box.  We're writing love letters to each other and we're kind of going to make it a little time capsule.  Adding pictures of us throughout the years and we'll be adding our favorite bottle of wine and glasses.  We've decided to open it on our 25th wedding anniversary and then write new letters and add new things to the box to be reopened on our 50th!
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    I LOVE THIS IDEA!  I kind of want to steal it, but I don't know if hubby would go for it.  
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    So I see a lot of you have seen this already. I just heard about it yesterday lol! I've thought of Maggie's idea as well, maybe doing it at the honeymoon or just at another time to keep it personal, between the two of us but I'm not sure yet. And I would also love to write new letters when opened and leave them for another anniversary date.. keep it going you know? Ceglare I think you would just have to check which wines age well, other than that I don't think it would be a problem. Last night I told FI about and he surprisingly liked it! We're on the same page where we like it but it's not definite yet, so we'll see what we do. Give it a try though Nereida.. FI surprised me! You never know! ;-)
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    We're going to do this too, but trying to think of something other than wine to include, as FI doesn't enjoy wine.  He has 3 teenage kids who are amazing and with us 100% of the time.  I'd like to ask them to write things to add, but I'm not sure on this.
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