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I think we made the wrong choice regarding our E-pics. Due to some money issues we've had to wait until now to put down the deposit for our photographer. I wanted to get our STD's out in January, so we went ahead and did our E-pics by a friend who is also into photography.  The problem is, he tried too hard to be artsy with the session and at the time seemed fine because we got some GREAT shots, but none of us that would be good for a save the date card. Basically, none of us looking directly at the camera.  We would ask him to take some more, but he is busy working on a movie and only gets Monday's off. Maybe we'll just use our camera and take a few nice ones? Idk... I feel like I should have known better and just waited for the photographer to do them.

Re: E-Pics

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    is it too late to book something with your photographer?
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    You can choose a STD design that has multiple pictures on it and use one from the engagement session and maybe one or two others that you already have where you guys are looking at the camera. I like the variety.

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    You can look for some design's w/o pictures on them. We ran into the same issue with our engagment photo's and can't retake them untill after we want to send them out so we just picked a design that matched our invitations.
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    I think we'll end up taking a nice one this weekend sometime and picking a STD that has multiple pics on it. That way we have both. I really do like the ones he took, I just also needed some cheesy every-day e-pics ;]

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