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United States Postal Service....

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Im curious if anyone is running into this issue? 

I sent out invites on the 13th of April. I got my first RSVP on Monday the 16th. Problem is I still have about 4 Invites that people are saying they havent gotten yet and 3 invites returned even though the address was 100% correct. Has anyone ran into this? 
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Re: United States Postal Service....

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    Did the ones that were returned say why they were returned on them?
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    ya IS which is NOT true!! I had exactly the right address. I checked my info and reasked the person and they said I had it right. I had enough stamps. I dont know what happend. 
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    That's odd that they got rejected.  Do you have the zip code right, no transposition errors? Maybe bring them to the post office and make sure you have it 100% right I think they can look up to make sure the address is right.

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    Yah everything is right. I dont know where I would find another envelope that would fit my invites so im either just going to hand deliever it or just tell them. 
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    I have had mail for myself go back as undeliverable as no such address exists. The first time this happened was Sept and my daughter's public school sent paperwork. The school called me as they were unenrolling her unless I could prove where I lived.

    The next two times it happend was invite for friend's shower and her wedding invite. She had the exact address too.

    What I think happened on my case is the post person was too lazy to do their work and just skipped me.

    Also I have noticed I don't receive my bills some months. Thank goodness I pay online, but I don't have my file to organize myself to pay by and budget my money. Kinda screwing with some of my budgeting when I realize need to pay X and bill didn't come in. Gah.
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    It happens to my friend all of the time, "address unknown" or "name not listed at address". I would check with your friends to make sure their name is on the mailbox (if it's an apartment or condo)...of course, Chicago is weird about stuff like that!
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