Wedding Vendor Reviews-10/8/11

I've been wanting to post the vendor reviews from my 10.8.11 wedding, it's been over 2 months but it feels like yesterday, literally!

Rehearsal Dinner-Marino's Pizza & Pasta House, York, PA
Rating: B
*My mother in law was paying for this portion of our wedding and gave us a very small budget, so we were creative and went with one of our favorite casual places to eat in York. The price was just what we wanted, but the service was really poor. Everyone got their food in shifts, and it seemed to drag on quite a bit. I am feeling very thankful we did our rehearsal the Thursday before instead of the night before, helped not make it as stressful.

Hotel Accomodations- Courtyard Marriott, York, PA
My bridal party & I all stayed at this hotel the night before the wedding and relaxed, ate some pizza, and watched a new episode of Say Yes To The Dress. I highly reccomend having some girl time the night before the wedding, we had so much fun but still got to sleep plenty early enough to get our beauty sleep. Our room was beautiful, and it was also the room we used to get ready in the day of.
Rating: A+

Ceremony/Reception Location- Royal Manchester Golf Links, Mount Wolf, PA
They did a really great job overall (which I was surprised about because we had some issues during the planning process with them being such a new venue). They decorated just how I asked them to, our food was wonderful. If you choose to do the pasta station, make sure they have more attendants so the line moves faster, that was a pretty slow line. The ceremony went well as well, however they use a van to transport the bride and the girls to the ceremony site, which they need to work on, not very appealing to look at.
Rating: B

Hair & Makeup- Gia Glinatsis Mechanicsburg, PA (she travels)
She did a wonderful job, I was so happy with my hair and makeup. She did the hair and make up for everyone, and unfortunately over estimated her ability because it took much longer than she originally said which threw off our timeline in getting to the venue to before pictures. Also, just two people used foundation instead of the powder, and the shade was much too light and was noticable in pictures.
Rating: B

Cake- Bella Manse Millersville, PA
Renee did a fabulous job, our cake looked amazing and tasted even better. I was thrilled with how it turned out. She also made a hockey themed groom cake for us, and it was perfect!
Rating: A+

Flowers- Backwoods Florist East Berlin, PA
I used Marion because she did my sister's wedding a few years ago, I was very specific to how I wanted my flowers....and they did not turn out that way at all. The bouquets were way too small and had greens in them that we had never talked about.

DJ-Soundwaves Entertainment, York, PA
Chris did a great job overall, he played the music we asked for. One small issue, a guest was trying to make a speech at the wedding but rather come to me and ask if it would be okay he told them no, over and over, and then finally agreed and accepted $20 from that person....UNACCEPTABLE.
Rating: Because of the issue that happened, an F.


Re: Wedding Vendor Reviews-10/8/11

  • Jessimb0587Jessimb0587 member
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    Thank you for doing this. I am also using Bella Manse, so seeing an A+ is very reassuring!! :-) Congratulations!! 
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  • dnichol3dnichol3 member
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    Wow!! I'm stunned the DJ did that!!
  • I have heard horrible things about that DJ.  I'm sorry that happened!
  • Wow- thanks for the vendor reviews!  Always helpful- especially the note about the florist and DJ!!
  • Marion from Backwoods Florist, is very very nice, I just was disappointed that the flowers didn't turn out as I explained even after sending her SO many pictures and details of what I wanted.

    And as far as the DJ, I obviously didn't hear about it that night but I was shocked when I found out that it happened a few days after. He should have came to me or my husband and said a guest was asking to and we could have handled it, or he could have went to a family member or someone and they could have said if it was okay or not, but to say no, then agree when someone offered $ unprofessional. (And obviously the person had a bit to drink when offering the $ to give a speech, thankfully it wasn't a crazy drunken speech, just brief and very nice but STILL, you gave him the mic!!

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