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I'm getting married on a Sunday and need my hair done that morning (early).  Since salons aren't generally open Sunday mornings, does anyone have a suggestion? I live in Southern York County.   I could probably do it myself, but don't want to add to the craziness of getting ready.

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    What about JCPenney's...are there salons open on Sundays?  Or how about in the salons in the malls....are any of those open on Sundays?  I personally don't use any of these services, but they were just an idea.  Hope this helps you out!!
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    I moved to PA from MI not too long ago, so I'm not too sure of the distance from York to Hershey, but The Spa at the Hotel Hershey has a salon that opens at 8:30am on Sundays.
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    Where in Southern York County are you? My parents live in Delta and I'm in Red Lion. I may be able to help you out with some smaller shops that would be willing to open on Sundays for the bridal party?
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    You should contact some of the local salons... often salons will agree to open early for bridal parties, so even if their regular hours aren't early, you can see if they'd do this for you.
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    Also, try to ask around the salons. Some of them may be able to come to your venue to do hair.
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    Thanks for the help.  I live close to Glen Rock and there are a few salons within 10 minutes of my house (where we'll be getting ready).  Hopefully the stylists also live close.   I think I'll check them out for a regular appointment and if I like how it goes ask about wedding day. 
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