NWR: Average monthly utility cossts?

This isn't wedding related, i'm just looking for some information from some local people.

Iknow that prices really vary based on location, size of house, weatherproofing, type of heat source, etc. But, DH and I are in the very beginning faces of thinking about house shopping and I am trying to figure out how much to set aside in my head as "normal/average" prices as far as utilities, etc.

I have lived on my own in an apt for 5 years, but all utilities are included. So i seriously have NO clue what to think in my head as far as what these costs look like. Do i set aside 300 dollars? 100?

I live in the lancaster area.

Thanks for any information! the basic information i'm looking for:

What size of house/apartment do you live in?
what is your average monthly utilities (heat, water, electric, whatever i might not even be thinking of).


Re: NWR: Average monthly utility cossts?

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    My house is 1580 sq ft. We just moved in April, so I haven't witnessed gas heating costs firsthand, but here are my costs:

    Electric high this summer went to $92 (just one window a/c unit)
    Gas: I think it will come to around $115 if I do budget billing
    Water/Sewer: about $40-45 per month
    Trash - $15-20 per month
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    i'd agree with mamie for the most part. our house is 1480 sf. the other thing you need to consider is the type of heat. if you have gas heat her numbers are correct, if you have electric your electric bill would be much higher. personally, we have geothermal and our electric bill is much lower.

    also, you will also consider budgeting for cable and internet if you want it, potentially a land line phone if you want, possibly an alarm system, and a homeowners association fee depending where you buy.

    obviously those things are optional as opposed to an essential cost like electric, but its also something you should think about.
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    Oil for heat is what kills us utility wise. We have a 2 BR house (not sure of square footage) and kept our thermostat at 60 degrees (we froooze all winter) and still spent up to $300 a month on oil last winter. It was ridiculous!
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    Our utilities run about $450 a month on average.  That does NOT include phone, cell, TV service, home secuity, home insurance, taxes, or household maint.
    We have gas heat and hot water.
    It is just the 2 of us.

    Good Luck!
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