Lancaster County Churches

I am from Harrisburg and am having my wedding reception at the Cork Factory Hotel. We decided to have a mini 'destination' wedding in Lancaster because I fell in love with the Cork and now need a church.


Currently, we belong to a church up here, so it seems silly to join another (or just join so you are able to marry in a particular church, which I know people have done, and then leave)


The struggle has become finding a church in Lancaster county that will marry us because we aren't members, aren’t related to a member or heck, FRIENDS with a member. The few I have found charge outrageous fees ($1500-$2000) and it isn't worth it because I could add getting married on to my package and get married at the Cork for $500. However, my mom wanted a church ceremony. 


We're willing to do counseling, attend regularly until then, etc. It is just that we have a local church here but don't want to make our guests drive 50+ minutes to the reception if we get married here. That’s what we get for having a mini 'destination' wedding. HA!


So in a nutshell....

-Looking for a Lancaster county church where you KNOW they marry non-members.


I've searched through the boards and already called a few suggested from old posts and all said they do not marry non-members.

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