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Hi Ladies,

It's been awhile since I've posted but I was hoping some could help. I need to buy or rent chair covers for my wedding on 10/2/10. I would like off white or ivory. Anyone have any they would like to sell fairly cheap or does anyone have a good idea of where I can get them reasonably?? We are on a tight budget.

Thanks so much!

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    Chair covers are $1.99 each and the sashes are around $9.49 for a set of 10.
    Their quality is superb and they have free shipping if you spend over $50.

    I haven't seen anything cheaper than that!
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    I didn't use this service but heard they do good work!
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    We used Classy Covers of PA.   http://www.classycoversofpa.comA few bucks more than, but they come in and put them all on and then come back after your wedding and take them off.  Hassle free!  No worries about getting them gathered up and shipped back!  Definitely worth the very small difference in cost!  Good luck! 
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    I bought mine on ebay.  I think I ended up with 150 chair covers.  I had a decent amount of money invested in them but after our wedding, I sold all of the chair covers on craigslist & the sashes on ebay.  All said and done, I think I got all but $40 of my investment back so I only paid $40 to use the covers... pretty good deal especially because I used them new and sold them as used.
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