cd & me or other outdoor beautiful wedding venues help

has anyone been looking at or know anything about CD &ME in frankfort, IL

there arn't too many reviews and i was wondering if the rental/pricing was anywhere close to our budget.
we are looking for and outdoor ceremony and a tented or indoor but still nature like reception. We loved Cantigny but the prices are  so why beyond affordable for our budget.

we looked at narnia in lemont but again $95 a plate is too high plus a rental fee...
any other ideas would be appreciated!


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Re: cd & me or other outdoor beautiful wedding venues help

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    My best friend had their reception there...It was extremely pricey too. I know that you choose your caterer (off their list) and then the tent rental is a few thousand as well. I looked into it, and it was very high!!
    BUT SOOOO BEAUTIFUL! I would call if I was you for more info!

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    We actually booked this venue for our wedding June 2011.  They charge 60.00/person which includes 5 1/2 hour rental, open bar, tables, linens. You do have to choose a caterer off their list but they have a good variety of styles and prices.  Its absolutely beautiful. Hope this helps..feel free to ask anything else you might be wondering. Good luck with your search!
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    I went to a reception at the narnia estates last year. it was nice but the food, ugh there was sooo little way to fancy to enjoy. the dance floor is very small and the bar is  in the room before you get in to the reception room. and if you go outside for some air you can see all the waiters n works having there smokes right by your tent. also you have to park up the hill and walk down to the hall. i have never been to cd n me but was thinking about because the decorater and florist they lke to use are close friends of my aunts. but i couldnt afford it, we have 200 guests! but it looks amazing in there pictures!
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    I absolutly loved Montefiori in Lemont....If you did the buffet option it came to about $79 a person but was absolutly beautiful for an outdoor option. It's tented with an attached kitchen and restrooms.  
  • It was 60 in addition to the caterer, correct?  I have absolutely fallen in love with this venue and want to do everything possible to make it work!
  • amentgen..

    Im having my wedding there in June. It will be $70 a person for a Saturday wedding. I really recommend it. It is so unique and totally different from any standard banquet hall!

    They are great about giving information. Give Catherine a call and she will help you with anything!
    Good luck!
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