Help! Wedding with a budget.

I am currently in a hurried frenzy of trying to find a ceremony and reception venue that meets my budget! I am have 50-75 guests and I don't care the location! Illinois, Indiana, St Louis, ect. I do NOT want to spend over 5000 dollars at the very most for ceremony rental, reception rental, food, cake and open bar. If I can find somewhere even a little bit cheaper then that, it would be amazing!
 I keep finding places that I like, but then something is wrong with them. For example, found a nice outdoor wedding (what I want) site that is really cheap and in some cute little canyons, but the reception area isn't the greatest (which isnt the bad part), they DONT offer an open bar unless you want to pay for consumption AFTER the wedding. And I don't want to have that weight on my chest on my wedding day.
 Here are some things to keep in mind, I DO want an outdoor ceremony, I DONT care if the reception is at the same location or a different location in somewhat of the same area and it can be indoors, that may actually even be preferred. I really want something nice. So please help! My head hurts from the endless searching! I need a break!

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