Mulhauser Barn

Has anyone been to Mulhauser Barn in the summer? June/July?  It would be the perfect venue for us but there is no A/C.

Re: Mulhauser Barn

  • I looked at Mulhauser Barn initially but couldn't get past that they didn't have air conditioning or heat.  It was just too risky considering what they charge.  I stumbled across the Hughes Center which is out in Fairfield Twp. (near Camp Campbell Gard) and is owned by the YMCA.  It's much less expensive, has both heat & a/c, and still has that barn charm I was looking for.  We're getting married there this September. 
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  • Is there any information online for the Hughes Center? I'm having trouble finding anything.

  • I am also getting married at the Hughes Center on 6.1.2013!

    I absolutely love the seclusion it offers as opposed to the Mulhauser barn (cars driving by and such). They gave me a deal to reserve the day before for set up and day after for cleanup.

    Search for ymca camp campbell gard and contact them about the Hughes Center.

    Best of luck!
  • my sister had her reception there in August of 2010.  it was 96 degrees that day and really humid!!!  we all sweated a lot, but once we hit the dance floor, we just kept dancing and tried to ignore it.  a friend of hers had her reception there a week before and it rained all day!  i heard it was awfully humid and uncofrtable and most people left early.  it's a gamble for sure!
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