Best Man and Groomsmen Gift Ideas???

Any new ideas?? I don't want to do beer mugs, flasks or money clips... thanks!!

Re: Best Man and Groomsmen Gift Ideas???

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    My FI is doing personalized whiskey bottles for 2 of his guys from Jim Beam. They engrave a silver plate on them.
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    My FI got his GM personalized coolers.  They hold a 12 pack and are very study.  We got the exact ones from our place of employment a few years ago and we  use them all the time.  (we met at work)  Try mygroomsmengifts.com

    And they were not too terribly expensive.  We are going to put a beverage of choice in them along with a Tervis tumbler.

    Good Luck.
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    Shop for them like its thier birthdays. Get them things that each person would like and use again. They don't need to be the same gift for every person.
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    I got mine personalized gym backs from the the knot shop. and then inside of them we gave each a 6 pack of beer inside... they loved them!
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    We got ours personalized valets.  We also considered the charging set.
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    We are going to buy gift certificates to their favorite restaurants.
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    Thank you!!
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