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NWR:: Any RN's out there??

I am a RN and am currently looking for a PRN position, I have an offer from one but they want me to tell them how much I want to be paid....my question is...what is the going rate of PRN pay in cincinnati? I certainly do not want to undercut myself!  This is an outpt surgery center type of facility which may make a diifference... Thanks!

Re: NWR:: Any RN's out there??

  • Well i'm not an RN but I've worked in healthcare a long time. I started out at Good Sam, which I have to say is a great hospital. From what I understand PRN's get paid more an hour due to the fact that you don't receive any benefits. Part or Full time RN"s right out of school, starting at Good Sam make on average 19 or 20 bucks an hour. Good luck!
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