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Just some words of caution to anyone considering booking Hickory Point Banquet Facility in Forsyth for their recpetion...

The room is GORGEOUS and requires little decorating.  The room rental is reasonable and menus can be trimmed down to a reasonable cost.  We had 175+ at our recpetion and got out for less than $4000 (with alcohol).  And the food was yummy. dealing with them I went through 3 contact people because of turnover.  I only found out about the changes because I called in ask a question and was informed that so-and-so was no longer there.  The most recent one being 2 weeks before the wedding.  I also never met my final contact person until halfway through the reception, and I had to hunt her down.  The staff was grumpy and apathetic, at best.  The carpet was covered in mud and lint when we arrived to decorate.  When we asked for a vacuum, the staff member just handed it to us and walked away.  Anything we asked them to do was met with a heavy sigh and an eye roll.  I also killed an ant on the buffet table as I went through the line.

The reception was beautiful and none of the guests knew anything was going on.  Really nothing went horribly wrong, but their customer service skills are severely lacking.  It was just a lot of little things that added up.  They pulled off a beautiful event, but were far from pleasant to deal with.  I'm not trying to trash them or the Decatur Park District, just wanting to warn anyone before they drop a few g's on less than stellar service.

If anyone has any questions about the place, I would be happy to share more of our experiences.

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